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Date Published: 2015-03-10// Updated: 2020-08-15

Welcome to the website of the best-kept secret in New Yor! services the New York area from our location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

By placing orders with us you will receive a 5-Star rated service and save a ton of money, compared to what the local companies might charge. 

We will print your documents and signs as per your needs, with overnight production and shipping when necessary.
Our regular production times and ground shipping options will get you what you need while saving you even more.

Check out our wide selection of products and services. Call us at 1-877-421-0668  with any questions that you might have.


Why would you order from us,
There are sooooo many printing companies out there!

  • Even when accounting for shipping charges and the time needed for delivery, our service will save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Do you need your printed sheets in hand tomorrow morning?: Yes!
    Same day printing and overnight shipping is available
  • Cheap! Way cheaper than Fedex Office, Office Depot, Minuteman Press or Staples and other companies.
  • When you call us at 1-877-421-0668, you'll talk to an expert willing to talk to you.
  • Multiple Products offered: We offer a large number or products and services, from simple copies to trade-show booths.
  • Same Day Printing at a fraction of the price that Fedex Office, Office Depot and other companies offer.
  • Order from NY and get delivery anywhere in the country. 
  • Online Calculators: It is easy and fast for you to find the products, visit the online calculators and place an order.
  • Artwork Adjustment: Fedex Office, Office Depot, Staples and so many other companies won't make adjustments to your artwork if needed. Yes! ColorCopiesUSA  will do them  We offer the service so that you get the print possible of your document.
Iconic logo that reads "I love New York"

Placing an order for printed documents or signs should be easy.

Make it easy on yourself: our calculators are simple. We offer plenty of visual icons and graphics to help you configure your product just as needed.

Meet the "Online Designing Tools"

We offer an online design tool where you can either customize available templates and in some cases, you can start from scratch and create your design.  Depending on the product's page that you are visiting, if the tool is available, you will be able to select a "Customize template" or "Design my own" options

Did you compare our pricing?

Example - Description: 1,000 copies of printed sheets. 8.5"x11". No bleed. 24lb paper. 
The prices reported have been provided by their official and public websites.

ColorCopiesUSA: $113.30 - No interstate tax,  ground shipping included.  Play with the online calculator by clicking here

Fedex Office: $490 less $90 (discount) = $400 + taxes.  Ground shipping included

Office Depot: $360 + taxes. Ground shipping included

Expect even larger differences and extended turnaround times in booklets, UV coated postcards, posters, etc.


When our clients need copies, they've told us over and over, that they want to find a company that makes copies and delivers them just as expected, or even better than they've dreamed them.

Full Color Copies

picture of color copies with bleed printed front and back | ColorCopiesUSA

Explore full color printing on multiple final print sizes, and a variety of substrates such as thin paper, card stock, colored stocks and synthetic paper for menus and outdoor protection.

Black & White Printing

picture of copies in black and white. one side printing | ColorCopiesUSA

Black and white printing in multiple sizes, single sided or double sided. Regular paper, colored paper or plastic paper



Posters are available in custom sizes, rolled-up or mounted. Printed on paper, vinyl, or perforated film