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Date Published: 2020-08-10// Updated: 2020-08-10

Order single-side printed sheets at 5 cents per sheet!

When you need many copies of a document, ColorCopiesUSA is ready to save you a ton of money.

This buys you a color copyPile of printed sheets representing full color printed sheets
5 Cent Coin Buys a Copy

High quality printing starting at 5 cents per sheet

Order Color Copies

The title of this article indicates that you could order copies at a starting point of $0.05 per unit.  These would be copies, printed on one side, on a 20# paper.  The size of the order should be of 30,000 copies. For a total of $1,500!!!

We will print in full color so that your creativity can be limiteless .

Great Deal!

Why is this a good deal? Because we can select the optimal technology for the order, we can pass the savings to you and offer a very high quality print at a price that is very competitive. 

By placing the order with us, not only you get our personlized service, but you get to save hundreds of dollars in the process.

Just by checking online, we know that you'll be saving around $300 when compared to other vendors.


Why should you choose ColorCopiesUSA?

Our quality and service are like no other.

Our prices are amazinly competitive!


Give us a call at 1-877-421-0668 with any questions that you might have!

If you'd like to explore the options for ordering color copies,  please click on thislink and visit our the page for color copies.

You'll find a calculator where you will be able to customize your order by selecting the type of paper, finishing and much more. 




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