Promotions through Door Hangers are Still a "Must Use"

Training books printed out of color copies? Yes! And very effective indeed!

Training books don't need to be boring. Not at all.

A bit of salt and pepper can create such a possitive response to your training materials that you'll thank to yourself for the extra time put into the project.

A "conventional" book can be transformed into a unique piece, thanks fo the power of color copies.

Give Color Copies a Chance: Think about your final product and leave aside the fact that you called them "copies". You'll have created training books, and why not mention it: Promotional Items entirely customized to fulfill your need.

Did I just read "Power of Color Copies"? What does that mean?
Color copies are powerful because

  • Both the best ideas and the worst, can be converted into products such as books, letters, folders, etc. Even if you need one single unit! In the past, printing tons of copies was required.
  • The power of personalization come together with the power of digital printing, (at least that is what you get if you work with our company, Color Copies USA).
  • The power of cheap: Experimenting with color copies is as inexpensive as could be. We understand your need to learn more about your business, and we support you 100%.
  • Color Copies look sooooooooo good with our technology!
  • You can make color copies effective and creative! Beautiful isn't it?

The example shown below is a perfect exampe of the use of color copies in a very creative way! This creative design of a training book will certainly call attention to it.

training books printed throught color copies can be creative and effective

Remember: You can test your advertising message in a smaller scale

  • You can add personalized messages such as: 
    "Exclusive program for the June training sessions"

    You could even combine this book with personalized web pages for each of the paricipants of the session. The opportunities are almost limiteless

Get low cost, high quality color copies, place your order today!

See why color copies are a wonderful!

Creative design improves the success of the training book

Color Copies USA is a full-service color printing company that also offers direct mailing and graphic design services. We have a very experienced and motivated staff ready to assist you in all you color printing needs.

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