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Date Published: 2020-03-01// Updated: 2020-08-8

Should you order cheap printing online or find a local copy- printing-company near me?
But is the cheapest printing price enough reason to commit to ordering from a certain company?

"We need this document printed now!" says one of your colleagues. Of course, you are now in charge: All that you know is that you have to get this document printed!

This charicature shows a person in doubt
They told me to get "cheap color copies". What should I do?

Your first thought: "Should I shop for copies online?" Will we be satisfied? What if I find the best prices but the quality is not up to our needs? What if they are late? Would they have a support team that will make my customer experience right?

Yet another idea pops up!: "Maybe I should hire this local copy printing company instead!". Would they have the lowest prices? Are they quality oriented?

With this dilemma in place, I'll present to you a couple of things to check before you make your decision.

Cheap if the first thing that most of us as consumers initially think. With the changing economy these days, you might need cheap, but take a moment to reconsider.


What is a cheap copy?

I think that the answer is linked to the context and your purpose. Here are some ways of looking at the question:

  • Is it a printed copy that is cheap price-wise, and that's all you care about?
  • Or is it a printed document that is intended to be used as a call-to-action and eventually thrown-away? If so, is the look-and-feel important so that you can drive business?
  • Or is it a high-quality product, with a customer service experience, at the lower-than-expected price given the attributes?
  • Is the turnaround time critical for your project? After all, your order print to be used at a certain time in a certain way.
  • Is a potential order cheap because you will need to commit to placing an order for items that you won't get to use?
  • Cheap in a way represents your resignation to things that could be important to your order but you might overlook, without a clear understanding of the result is affected.

What is important to you?

picture showing arrows suggesting two different ways of ordering either online or retail
How do I buy it?

In responding, consider the following information:

Online Printing Companies: Some online printing companies will do a better job on one or another aspect of the sale or their customer support. A few online printing companies will entice you with a low base price.

When you add other costs and fees to the base price, the offer might not look as attractive as they originally did. It might be true that the base price is the lowest, but once it is all said and done, it might be a different story.

Live calls: Some companies won't make a customer care support team member available for a live call with you.

Who is manufacturing?: Some companies are just intermediaries, without a physical production facility. Their commitments might be difficult for them to keep, because they are not really in control.

Support in Graphic Design: Preparing documents specifically for print requires some experience. If you would rather have an open year to ask, how important is that?

Local Printing Companies: Many of our clients love that our response time is quick. Many local printing companies take long to respond, provide estimates, and run the jobs.

You will most likely need to visit them, which takes time and in the pandemic days, add a level of risk.


Cheap Color Copies mean something different to each client.

What we know is that the price by itself does not make a copy cheap or expensive.

Bundle of Services: A combination of the following aspects of involved in a purchase will help you decide what is acceptable to you.

  • How much should I pay for a printed job?
  • Will my prints look great?
  • I need to make sure that I get them in hand by this specific day.
  • If the printing company finds an error in my artwork, will they let me know?

ColorCopiesUSA makes it easy for you to decide: Order with us! Get a great price, high-quality color copies, and place your order today!

It is a Truth that getting your overall needs at a price that you find fair is great.

It is a Lie that Cheap Color Copies are cheap (dollar-wise). Paying less does not necessarily help you achieve your goals.

picture showing high quality color copies and an invitation to call and order from

Back to your original situation: "I need to get a document printed"

You still have to decide which approach to take and what is important for your project.

We have some good news for you!

As you might know, we operate Color Copies USA, an online and brick-and-mortar printing company, established in South Florida, nationally recognized. We can be of great help to achieve your goals. We balance what we have seen are the most critical aspects for our clients: cost, service, and turnaround commitment. helps you keep your costs down when you need cheap color copies. We will work with you to determine the most cost-effective means for producing cheap color copies, without sacrificing quality and professionalism.

Since we are a real manufacturing company in an established location, we can serve you in a way that becomes the most convenient for you. You can place orders at our office or online, even over the phone, and either pick-up at our location or save your time by using our delivery options.

While we offer cheap color copies, we deliver cost-effective color copy printing. We do not want our clients to walk away with a product that looks cheap or that is not in-hand for when you need it.

We want our clients to walk away with a product they are proud of, while at the same time, walking away with a product that does not break the bank or blow the budget.

If you can see it, your clients can as well: We don't want your customers to perceive you as selling cheap products by distributing cheap color copies. We want your customers to see your business savvy by distributing cost-effective marketing materials, while you focus your budget on producing quality products.

Think about it! Handouts that create enthusiasm and motivate people to take action will be more effective with a nice looking document than with cheap color copies.

Now, let us compare what you are saving by purchasing the cheapest color copies as opposed to cost-effective, quality color copies.

Example: Let's imagine that you need to print multiple copies of a document.  You need 250 color copies printed on one side. It happens to be the datasheet of a product that you have been selling and shipping online.

If you purchased the printed documents on the cheapest color copy paper, it would cost you in our store, about $52.50 (excluding shipping). If you upgraded your paper to elegant glossy paper (#80 gloss), your 250 color copies would cost $62,18. That is only about $10.00 extra.

The improved quality of presentation can have the result of bringing in more salesBy spending a small additional amount, you may able to reel in another customer that will spend far more than the additional $12.50 you spent on creating your catalog.

We have seen this situation repeated over and over, which is why we are sharing with you the wisdom of experience. A little more attention to quality usually produces noticeable results.

Do not hesitate to give us a call to inquire about your printing or color copies project. We will present you with our best opinion based on the specific situation that you are dealing with.

Our phone number is 1-877-421-0668