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Date Published: 2019-08-05// Updated: 2020-07-29

We serve the whole USA from Fort Lauderdale, FL


From Fort Lauderdale, strategically located, serving the needs of our clients in EVERY STATE in our Nation!

Yes! You can get "cheap color copies near me" from

How are you close to me? You can place your orders through our online shopping pages, phone calls, or you can email us with your request. Your phone call is always welcome. We respond promptly and efficiently. We work on EST times.

If you are located in South Florida, either pick-up your order from our production and service facility or have it shipped.
If you live in any state in the USA, Color Copies USA will ship your order. Different levels of delivery services are available so that you can decide when to get your piece in-hand. is a printing and sign company that produces print and signage for users spread around the world. While our main office is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we serve our clients wherever they need us. We can ship products to the place where you need them!

This infographic shows how easy it is to order cheap color copies from ColorCopiesUSA
It is easy and flexible to order cheap color copies from ColorCopiesUSA


Cheap Copies Near Me: is always looking after your needs.

How do we look after your needs? We produce the best possible quality. We work hard to be on time or better with our commitment.
Our dedicated team is made out of experts in this arena, and therefore we provide great service, very competitive prices, and great quality!

Being the most competitive company that you want to do business with is what makes us the best company for cheap color copies near me, even if we might be a distance apart.

Experience, teamwork, logistics, transportation, and overnight services bring us closer than ever before.

Order confidently and you'll understand why we are near you.

When you use our visually-oriented& calculators, you will be able to check for pricing and production dates, right from your device. And if you are ready! Place the order!

What do the words "Cheap Color Copies" actually mean for us in real life?

 We are there for you when you need us, reliable and ready to do what you need us to do.


Examples of products and services available from us:

Click to Order 1000 copies per $83.21

You can find Color Copies in the format of Brochures or Catalogs, if you want to use in advertisement, you can use Direct Mail or Flyers or Postcards, if you manage a restaurant or bar, you can make Menus. Sometimes your business needs 2 or 3 Parts FormsBusiness Cards or Envelopes. Also, you can make some Custom Printed T-ShirtsBanner And Signs, especially a Retractable Banner, a great solution for advertisement. We also have PostersPromotional itemsCar Magnets.


We have special offers for some cities: take a look at that great offer for Georgia. You can find some offers for states too, like New York or California.


Get your discounts! Please contact us at 1-877-421-0668. We speak English and Spanish! Hablamos español también!