Brochures Available Here: 81/2"x11" (flat size) folded to one of several folding options

Help preparing the files for your perfect brochures

How do I count "Business Days?"

Time starts to count the next business day after the order has been placed, paid for and the proof approved by the customer.?

What is the page size for this product?

In your design-layout software set up the page size as 81/2"x11" plus 1/4" reserved for bleed if the images print right to the edge.

What color space should be used?

Choose your color settings to be CMYK (used in printing) as opposed to RGB (used in monitor screens and projectors). The reason? Som colors look different in print and on the screen, especially fluorescent, oranges and greens.

Do you do Color Matching?

Not on this product. To achieve these low prices, we cannot match colors. Colors will be good, but don't expect a Walmart blue to be an exact match to the PMS.

Which Resolution to use?

The images should be 300dpi. Get the best results with vector text (other than graphic text).

Folding: Remember this tips:

Preparing your piece to fold requires of some special attention. The panels that fold-in need to be shorter (1/8") than the card of the front, to give room to the card to fold without touching other panels and creating creases or bubbles.

Should Front and Back be in separate files?

Yes. We ask you to upload two different files. One for the front and one for the back. In that way it will be clear for us which is the cover and which the inside. This is especially helpful in Z folding cases.

Which program to use?

Word: NO, don't use it!

Illustrator: Yes. convert fonts to outline

Photoshop: Design at 300 dpi resolution. Fonts should be black only. The fonts are not as crisp as could be when designing in Photoshop.

Publisher: Yes but with care.

InDesign: Yes.

Others: Ask. Call 1-877-421-0668.

May I order multiple sets?

Yes, while the special is available we'll take your order, 1 set per order.

Is this product cleared for mailing?

If you plan to imprint the address on the brochure itself, the coating that is applied on the brochures on this offer might not be the right choice. While the coating looks really nice, the ink does not adhere as card card-body. Check with us or with your mailing house for details.

This is a highly portable banner: Image size is 33.5"x80" and can be seen from far away.

Indoor and outdoor advertising signs provide a traffic-stopping opportunity for retailers and business owners to attract attention to their purpose. 

Indoor and outdoor advertising signs provide a traffic-stopping opportunity for retailers and business owners to attract attention to their purpose. 

Banners and posters can be used to send a strong message to customers, saying "Come over here!"

A grabbing headline, logo or identifiable call to action are of the essence. 

They come in many forms, but they all have compelling color graphics as a common ground

  • pull up banner or retractable banners
  • vinyl banners
  • trade show signs

Retractable banners can be used very conveniently to give directions and inform customers.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Banners 
Vs Trade Show Banners

Is there a difference between indoor banners and outdoor banners and trade show banners?  Banner printing and sign printing do have some subtle differences. 

For example, Indoor Banners: the color gamut used in indoor banner printing is richer than regular offset color printing, therefore more vibrant fluorescent type colors can be used during the banner sign printing color process. To top it off, banners and signs can be laminated for lasting protection against wear and weather

Outdoor banners get viewed from further away than indoor banners and therefore the amount of details that can be observed is lower and so is the resolution of the printing. So outdoor printing equipment does not produce very high resolution printing.


Trade show banners and graphics are just on the opposite end when compared to outdoor banners. These banners and signs are looked from distances as close as 2 or 3 feet and must be outstanding in grabbing the visitors' attention. Trade show banners must not reflect light to permit clear reading from different points. Printing quality must be superb and photo realistic.




















Graphic Design and Banner Layout: Is too busy OK or is simple better?

Sign and banner printing is easiest when a high quality professional color banner printing service is used to print a banner.  Yet, to print banners the right way requires a high level of creativity and knowledge of the color signs printing industry

The Biggest Errors in Banner and Sign Preparation:

Retractable Banners are one of the most successful ways to drive attention efficiently and inexpensively. Clear messages and single images work the best.

any companies make the mistake of slapping a cheap sign together at the last minute, hoping that 'something is better than nothing'.  That may not be the case, as wary consumers erroneously mistake the business as unprofessional. Well designed signs and banners will make a difference in the attention they get, and the type of public that respponds to the message. Investing in high quality color signs and banners printing and design will send the right message: that the company is successful enough to afford color advertising signage.


Printing prices do not include artwork.


Another notable trait regarding banner and sign printing is that generally most commercial signs are printed in a larger format than regular poster printing.  Signs print one-by-one,therefore they can be readily made quicker than traditional color print runs.  Businesses who need signs by tomorrow for a last-minute trade show banner or as a way to advertise a special event can call upon the services of a color printing company such as Color Copies USA, 1-877-421-0668 to prep them for the event.  

Lastly, as far as banner graphics go, the less is more strategy must apply.  Giant, fun fonts work better than small fonts because the words are more noticeable and readable to people passing by.  It's better to have LESS copy and just a few words.  Even having too many photos on a color sign or banner can be very distracting.  Make the color banner graphic loud and proud with provocative, thoughtful slogans or giant lettering.  You will find that people will stop, and possibly buy if you can just get their attention!

"Investing in high quality color signs and banners printing and design will send the right message"