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Choosing the right size for your vinyl banner

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Decorating streets, store windows and vehicles with vinyl and micro perforated vinyl full color printed film is one of the most successful ways to improve visibility of your company. Please watch the video presentation bellow.

Window Vinyl

Window Vinyls are All Over the Place. Here's Why!
Street Banners Window Vinyl and Microperforated Film

Banners and adhesive vinyls have become very popular for many reasons:

* Multiple Uses: Their use has a wide range of applications that go from advertising, signage, trade shows booths, decoration, area delimitations and many more uses.

* Low cost: Amazing decorations can be done at a fraction of the cost required by the traditional old style sign manufacturing.

* Full Customization: Banners and window vinyls can be printed in widths of 15' feet and limitless lengths. Wider vinyl banners are made by joining narrower panes together. In that way widths of 100' ft can be achieved for use in back drop stages, outdoor events, etc. The graphics are drawn on a computer as opposed to having artists hand paint large areas on the banner's site.

* Sales Promotional Tool: Decorating windows with vinyl images usually do not require city permits as opposed to other signage. What this means is that you can easily project your store to the street in a rich and colorful way. Since this media is so inexpensive, decorating windows with vinyl becomes one more opportunity to expand the marketing of your business.

* Maintenance Free: Vinyl Banners and Window Decoration require almost no maintenance, except for cleaning that can be done with regular products.

What we can do for you.

At Color Copies USA we can help you design your banner, adhesive vinyls for your windows, create the flow of signs required to manage massively attended events, and more.

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