Color Copy Paper: Used in color copies, forms and other documents
  • Description

    1. Bond paper is a strong, durable paper used in office machines, including copiers and desktop printers. It is characterized by erasability, good absorption and rigidity. Bond is sometimes used interchangeably with writing or copy paper.
  • How do people call to this paper:

    1. 20# which verbally referred to as
      "20-pound bond paper"
    2. Also known as 20lbs paper
    3. Copy Paper
    4. Multi-Purpose pape
    5. 50# offset paper
  • So 20lbs is the weight of what?

    1. Copy / bond paper is manufactured in sheets size 17"x22", later trimmed down to 8.5"x11", 11"x17" and 8.5"x14".
    2. 500 sheets of 17"x22" of this particular paper weight 20lbs
  • What is this paper made of?

    1. A grade of writing or printing paper generally manufactured for letterheads, or forms.
    2. There are two types of bond paper: rag content pulp and chemical wood pulp Rag content is usually considered better quality since the fibers of paper are stronger. Chemical wood pulp is just fiber out of wood wich creates a rougher paper.
    3. Additives and fillers are part of what is in the paper.Virgin and recycled commodity grade papers have 10% to over 40% additives and fillers such as: chemicals, calcium carbonate, clay, dyes, titanium dioxide and other whitening agents. All paper has some moisture content. The whiter the paper, the better the quality is.
    4. High quality bond paper is used for letterhead as card card-body as for other quality products. High quality bond has larger contents of cotton as card card-body.
    5. Paper made out of sugar cane bagasse (fibers remaining after extracting sugar. Less use of trees) is available as card card-body.
  • Why does paper turn yellow in time?

    1. Paper can be made out of GROUND WOOD or FREESHEET. Ground wood has a chemical component called "lignin" that turns yellow. Lignin is a glue-like material that holds the wood
      fibers together,
    2. FREESHEET or wood free is made out of a chemical fiber that removes lignin, the chemital that is naturalli in the wood that creates brittleness and yellowing.