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Every industry needs signage. The first question that comes up is: How big should it be?


In 2021, vinyl banners remain powerful marketing devices for almost all industries. Indoor and outdoor banners can be created quickly (within 24 hours at ColorCopiesUSA ) and can be easily draped on walls, suspended over the tops of storefronts, hung in windows, and hang from poles. In a RUSH? Contact the banner pros at ColorCopiesUSA toll-free at (877) 421-0668.

Size: Selecting the correct size for your vinyl banner will help ensure your success. Vinyl banner sizing largely depends on the purpose and look that you are trying to achieve. So here is a comprehensive Q and A that will help you choose the right size banner:

Choosing the right size of a banner makes a difference 




Frequently Asked Questions about Banner Sizes


What is the standard size for outdoor vinyl banners?

The size of outdoor banners depends on your content, design, and where you want to place it. The sizes in the following list are indicative. In large format printing, we can manufacture your vinyl banner in any custom specific size.

  • The smallest banner size that we suggest using is 2ft x 3ft which is a rectangle.
  • A very popular square banner size is 4ft x 4ft. If you are going to hang it on top of a building you can adjust the size higher so long as the width and height are the same. If the banner is exposed to wind, you might want to have wind-slits done to relieve pressure.
  • A typical horizontal outdoor vinyl banners is 3ft x 10ft.  6ft x 2ft is a popular size as well.
  • Standard vertical outdoor vinyl banners should ideally be 4ft x 10ft and not lower than 4ft x 6ft. This size makes the banner easily seen by hundreds of people milling around on busy streets or driving by your location.


Do indoor vinyl banners follow the same standard sizing as outdoor?

There is no harm in following the standard sizing of outdoor vinyl banners even if you are using them indoors. However, the size and available space in the building should be a major consideration. For example, if the interior space is smaller, then you might need to customize the size of your banner perfectly fit in the place. If you take a photo and measurements of the wall or location you are thinking about placing the banner on and send it to us, we will be happy to advise you on properly sizing the banner.


What is the right size to follow in making Banners for Trade Shows?

Normally, retail printers or even online web printers like ColorCopiesUSA will simply let you choose from different standardized sizes of vinyl banner to use for exhibitions and tradeshows. In truth, they might not always work especially if you are not decided yet when it comes to the place and design.

It might be a better idea to follow the standard sizing for exhibition banners and adjust your design from there. A popular size of exhibition banners is typically 33" x 80" which can be made into a retractable banner or you can also use 2' x 5'9".

Back walls in convention booths are usually 10 ft tall x 20ft wide. You can keep the drapery that is often provided, or create your background image that puts a note to your stand.

In any case, it is a good idea to check with the trade-show organizer as of their recommendations.


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How big is a banner compared to a person?

We have created these two graphics in which we compare the size of a banner in certain dimensions related to a regular person. Here are the images:

vinyl banner sizing vertical banners
Vinyl vertical banner sizing
vinyl banner sizing horizontal banners
Vinyl horizontal banner sizing



What is the standard size of vinyl banners which I can hang in malls?

If you have noticed, vinyl banners that are hanged in malls are usually vertical. That is because it's easier for the people below to read them compared to horizontal ones. This is true if you are announcing sales, promoting a list of services, or introducing a new product together with a list of perks. In this case, you need to make sure that your banner is visible from the shoppers who are passing below them so you can choose between 4ft x 6ft or 2ft x 6ft.


Is there are standard size for decorative banners?

Decorative banners which you can hang or stick in walls should be in proportion with the width and height of the walls themselves, in a way that they don't overpower the decoration. In most cases, decorative banners are bigger and wider. For square banners, you have three options like 8ft x 8ft, 10ft x 10ft, and 12ft x 12ft. Rectangular banners can range between 8ft x 6ft, 10ft x 8ft, and 12ft.


What is the standard size for Tournament Vinyl Banners?

Whether you place it inside or outside, tournament vinyl banners look good at 6ft x 3ft or 8ft x 3ft. Basically, tournament banners don't have too many images in them as they focus on text such as the theme, time, and place. This size will help you to perfectly showcase all the needed information that you want to relay to your audience.


What is the ideal banner size to follow for simple occasions?

The correct size of banners depends on what occasion you are catering to, the size of the place, and the number of attendees. Common events such as birthdays, graduations, reunions, weddings, christenings, and baby showers require 3ft x 6ft to 4ft x 8ft banner size. This is the ideal size if you want to hang the banner on the wall or in front of the celebrant's table.


What is the standard banner size to follow for big events like concerts?

Big events like concerts and stage plays require a larger size that is visible from the farthest seat. A standard stage backdrop or band scrims is 6ft x 6ft. Events that are stationed at packed outdoor venues or large clubs may require even bigger sizes in the proportion of 8ft x 10ft size stage backdrops, 10ft x 12ft or 15ft x 12ft. Major concerts or big shows may go up in size as huge as 15ft x 20ft or 20ft x 25, especially if there are many people around. This size is visible even from the bleachers in a stadium setting.


What banner size should I follow if I want to Promote My Products?

The size of your promotional vinyl depends on where you want to promote your products. If you're promoting products and services in malls, you can follow the standard size for an indoor stand-up banner.

Wall banners for restaurant food promotions are typically 8ft x 2ft or 10ft x 2ft if they're horizontal.

In large stores, those banners could be hanging from the ceiling so that they can be viewed from every direction. 

For vertical wall banners, you can opt for a 2ft x 8ft or 3ft by 10ft. These sizes let you add food pictures in the right proportion along with the price for each.


Do I need a big vinyl banner for Store Opening?

grand opening vinyl sign

Definitely yes! The size of your banner when making a grand opening sets the ladder for success. The bigger your banner, the better the impression it creates from your audience. The top three most effective sizes to follow for grand openings are Medium Rectangle (10ft × 8ft), Leaderboard (16ft × 3ft), and if you have enough room on the sidewall of the building, 5ft wide  × 16 to 20 ft tall. These sizes are not only ideal for store opening but even for making major announcements such as in church, at school, at non-profit organizations, and at business offices. You can hang your vinyl banner in front of your storefront for better visibility among your target audience.


Is there a standard size to follow for "Coming Soon" Vinyl Banners?

Yes. "Coming soon" banners must lead to a long line of customers in front of your store on the opening day. You can follow the same banner size for store opening but if you are tight on budget and want to start small, there are other sizes that can still lay the groundwork for a successful grand opening. For example, you can opt for a 4ft x 8ft or if there is room, a 8ft x 12ft.  Some stores are in shopping plazas that might have limited exposure to local traffic, so these large signs can help bring awareness faster. Downsizing is practically okay so long as the width and height are proportionate.


What is the perfect size for a small SALE vinyl signage banner?

vinyl banners promoting Sales that include discounts

If you are thinking of displaying a 50% offer or a big "SALE" signage using a vinyl banner, you can have a 12" × 12". This size is ideal for single-word signage which you can hang inside your store to announce a discount or sale. If you want it to be a bit rectangular, then you can adjust its width and make it 18" × 24". If your store is at a suburban shopping plaza, a 2ft x 6ft banner might work wonders.

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What are the factors to consider if I want to customize the size of my vinyl banner?

There are several factors that you need to consider if you want to customize your vinyl banner.

Wall Dimensions: Let's consider such as the wall dimensions, design, and text size. Your goal here is to create a perfect balance between the aesthetics of the place and visibility.

Pay a visit to the desired location and make sure that you get the right measurement of the space where the banner is intended to be placed.

You don't want the patrons to be overwhelmed by the indoor signage. You want to preserve a delicate balance in the ingredients that make your store a perfect place. 

Please look at the following two examples. The first image shows what a larger sign looks like on the wall. The second image shows the same sign, but in a smaller size. Do you like the open space around the sign? or having a larger sign is more important to you?

large menu vinyl banner in dinging room

Smaller indoor vinyl sign for a restaurant

Another Example: If you were customizing a banner to be used at a trade show, the first thing that you should consider is the size of your booth. If your booth is 10ft squared, you can't have a 10ft banner because it will overpower its features and other marketing tools. However, a 4ft x 4ft or 8ft x 4ft will achieve the right balance, getting attention but not appearing to be too off-putting.


How do I know if I'm choosing the right size for my customized vinyl banner?

There are no hard-and-fast rules when opting for a customized vinyl banner. Normally, your designer will simply ask for your desired size and they can start laying out a design. But you can't just choose a size just because you "like it". Size can also affect the presentation of your content and if it is not in proportion, your images will appear stretched or distorted.

The Size of Text: The text can be too small or too large, making it look unattractive. You will know if you have customized your size correctly if it fits in the place where it is intended, the design is not compromised, and the images are not distorted. It must be equally proportionate with the text while leaving a margin for the grommets and hems.


How do I design my outdoor vinyl banner?

Your outdoor vinyl banner should be vibrant and attractive. You can start by using a combination of bright colors and sophisticated design. Adjust the hue and saturation so your banner remains visible amidst the heating sun. Use a contrasting color to highlight important details like phone number, company email, and website.

This technique basically draws attention and makes details easier to remember. 

Free Online Design Tool: We offer a number of templates of signs that can print as vinyl banners. You can use those templates, modify and alter it all. Review the  free-to-use templates by clicking here 

Need help with design? ColorCopiesUSA has talented graphic designers to help you!


How do I design my indoor vinyl banner?

Colors Used: In contrast with outdoor banners, indoor banners do not benefit from vibrant colors. While designing you also have to think about the lighting of the room and make sure the colors blend card card-body. Oftentimes a traditional design using a combination of a short block text in black color and white background is 78 percent more attractive than extremely colorful indoor designs.

Free Online Design Tool: We offer a number of templates of signs that can print as vinyl banners. You can use those templates, modify and alter it all. Review the  free-to-use templates by clicking here 

Information: Your indoor banner should also have a lot of information. People inside an edifice are more likely to read than those who are outside. Place interesting and vital information on the center as people often strike their first look in the center.

If you are interested in getting eye-catching outdoor or indoor vinyl banners designed for your business or event, contact the banner pros at ColorCopiesUSA toll-free at (877) 421-0668.


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