I’m looking for current  Kinkos Locations!

You’ve been at Kinkos before, your presentation had to be printed right away so you went there early in the morning or even at dawn (some of their stores opened 24 hours a day) to have your work done.


You had to be there to micro-manage the whole process.


That has changed because of these two reasons:

  1. Kinkos printing stores no longer exist. Kinkos was a corporation that was acquired by Fedex in 2004 according to data that we found online, and the brand itself was no longer being used as of 2008. All of the stores that operated as Kinkos either closed or became Fedex Office stores.

  2. Online printing and ordering via online web-to-print websites allows you as the printing customer to request and place orders for copies, printing, signs or mailers from the comfort of your office, home or hotel without even visiting the printing company’s store. Online printing helps get the printing work done on time, with the same quality you’d expect from your local printer. Online print projects are supervised by a team of professionals looking after the jobs, and bringing you prices cheaper than local print companies. In addition, you save a trip to the local printer and the waiting time at the printing store.


  1. If you are looking for a print shop where you could go and get your printing done, where there would be someone ready to help layout or alter your document and where you could have a poster printed, online printing companies like ColorCopiesUSA can do the same thing, but via a website user interface instead of dealing with a very busy, stressed out front desk person.