Write your personal book: Color copies will make it a reality

Book Printing

Gone are the days when hundreds of copies had to be printed. Color copies create opportunities for self publishing, expanding the reach of books to frontiers never explored before.

book printing in the old days before color copies  became available

You can see the stamps in the picture on the left that have been used to print the book.

Each image, each letter and each dot required a stamp that would be used to imprint the paper that would later become a book.

Do you realize how restrictive that printing method was? How long would it be required from the moment a manuscript was finalized until the moment at which a book would go into circulation?

Digital color printing technology changed all of that, for the better. The printers used to print modern short-run books is the same that is used to print color copies.

Color copies have the following advantages in book printing when compared to traditional printing:

  • Manuscripts can be prepared digitally making them almost ready to go to press.
  • A digital proof can be produced almost instantly, enabling fast distribution of the copy of the book
  • Adjustments, improvements and re-writings can be executed almost on the fly.

Color-copy technology enables all of those advantages and many others.

  • Large book sizes
  • Short runs
  • Full color at affordable color copy prices

What type of books can be printed through color copies? How many copies does it make sense to print through digital printing?

Photo books, short stories, poetry, children books, class books are among the books that can be printed using color copies and its technology.

What is the most popular binding option for books? It is perfect binding which is the rectangular squared spine of the book (as opposed to coil binding, for example)

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