Top 5 Holiday Print Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales

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A healthy shopping season should include personalized items such as holiday cards, and mail massages

The holiday season is in full swing and now is the time to increase sales and grow your customer base. But, with increased competition among retailers, asking customers to choose your services or products has never been harder. Here are the Top 5 holiday print marketing ideas to get you ahead of the curve. Increase your holiday sales and gain a competitive edge over the rest of the industry with any of these quick print marketing tools.

#1 Retractable Banners.

Retractable banners are a fantastic way to build your brand, make an immediate impact, and drive more traffic through your doors. They’re ideal for holiday sales events, trade shows, and pop-up stores. Our Deluxe Retractable Banners are made for long-term use. Lightweight and durable, you can use them again and again at in-store events or outdoor venues.

They come with a cushioned carrying case and take less than a minute to set up. The graphics are color printed in high resolution and can be easily replaced when you’re ready for the next holiday marketing campaign. Our convenient, quick turnaround time (2 days plus shipping – rush services available) can get this great holiday marketing tool in your hands in no time at all.

#2 Holiday Cards.

You might be wondering why we think this is a top 5 holiday-print- marketing idea. However, they are an elegant way to put your brand in front of your client along with their friends and family. Our holiday cards are a great resource for continuing the connection and promoting your brand. Even with the best communication strategies, some customers will fall through the cracks and may not hear from you as often as they should. A holiday card is a simple gesture that takes the focus away from business and puts it on the relationship.

These 5″x7″ cards can be customized with templates in our studio design tool at no extra cost. They take only 3-4 days to print meaning you still have time!

#3 Mail Campaign Using EDDM®.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) makes it easy for you to send custom color printed mailers to neighborhoods that you want to target without the need to buy mailing lists or do the hard work involved in the traditional Marketing Mail (Bulk Mail). With EDDM®, you get your holiday flyer sent to each address on the chosen postal routes. The Postal Service™ delivers your piece directly to most of these residences within 1 day of processing and there is no need for presorting or carrier route preparation. With stronger-than-USPS™ postage and automation prices, EDDM® is a great new way of communicating with your potential customers.

#4 Vinyl Banners.

Use one of our cool vinyl banner templates to create dynamic graphics. Our templates help you quickly create banners through our online design tool, where you can fully customize your banner easily! We use high-definition printing with vibrant colors and UV -protected vinyl to ensure your banners resist fading. These weather-resistant banners are perfect for promoting holiday sales, events, or informing customers about upcoming events.

#5 Business cards.

What’s wrong with a business card? Nothing at all! In this digital world, a custom-designed, full-color printed business card is still very relevant. You leave with your potential client a little piece of you. There is an intimacy there that cannot be duplicated with an email blast. Let us print for you the ultimate form of self-expression with a custom-designed business card.

There is an endless list of options for you to choose from. Not only that, but we offer quick turnaround times so you can be sure to have your cards ready for that next holiday event. You can even get some business cards on the same day! Let our team help you create the perfect card to fit your brand. You will soon see why this sleeper maybe should be #1 of the Top 5 Holiday Print Marketing Ideas!

Color Copies USA is a family-owned and operated full-service printer located in Oakland Park, FL. We have been offering custom-designed printed materials since 2004. Click here to visit our site and get started on designing your own custom-printed piece. You can also reach us toll-free at 877-421-0668, or stop by anytime at 140 NE 32nd Ct, Oakland Park, FL 33334.

Marketing Ideas Sure to Help Your Business Make More ‘Green’ This St. Patrick’s Day!

Dropkick-Murphys | Marketing Ideas For St. Patricks Day | St Pattys Menus | Printing You don’t have to kiss the Blarney Stone to be Irish this St. Patrick’s Day. But you do have to come up with fresh marketing ideas if you want to see more green by getting more customers to your St. Patty’s Day event, pub or sale. Here are some fresh marketing tips for St. Patrick’s Day to help your business.

According to statistics, more than 33 million people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day each year. With beer sales representing a 152% uptick on that day alone, it’s no wonder estimates put the holiday spend at over $5.6 billion in 2018 in the USA alone.

This adds up to an average expenditure of over $40 per a typical partygoer. So if you run a Irish pub, bar or restaurant, and want to make sure you take in a bit of that ‘cabbage’, read on for creative March 17 marketing ideas for your business.

March 17th also creates an opportunity for other types of businesses to be a part of the celebratory events, providing a great source of revenue generation but also bringing good will to your customer base. Everyone is Irish for the day so from realtors to jewelry stores to clothing outlets, be sure to associate your business with all the fun, camaraderie and good spirit by somehow relating your brand to St. Patrick’s Day.

Speaking of clothing sales, the parties, parades, and celebrations that are thrown for St. Patty’s Day each year, 82.5 percent of attendees decide to wear green. Did you know that someone not wearing green on St. Patrick’s day is subject to pinching?  Others will often decide to carry green or shamrock themed memorabilia to honor Ireland, the very country of St. Patrick. Printing shamrocks on any of your marketing materials is sure to get them more attention this time of year.

To make sure that your business is lucky this St. Patrick’s Day, here are some more terrific St. Patrick’s print marketing tips:

  1. Throw a St. Patrick’s Day Concert at Your Irish Pub

If you are lucky enough to have an Irish pub or bar and restaurant, putting together a St. Patty’s Day Event is probably second nature, but here are some ideas that might help you leave your customers with long-lasting and positive memories.

Create a special St Patrick’s Day menu featuring the recipes you are best known for ( and maybe some new ones!) Irish stew with homemade Irish soda bread, beef stew with carrots, onions and potatoes and of course, you’ve got to feature corn beef and cabbage on the menu!

Put up a big vinyl banner promoting the big day, and pop up banners or smaller vinyl banners pitching your beer specials. ( Try orange and green Jello shots for a crowd pleasing change up!).

You don’t have to go all the way and spend a leprechaun’s weight in gold to make your event a smash. Instead, keep it simple by inviting local, passionate artists and performers. Many fiddle players, tin whistle players, guitarists, harp players and singers are anxious to share their favorite Irish ditties and sing-a-longs with the willing crowd of revelers.

Remember, your business can also simply sponsor such an event and be a part of the celebrations without doing the heavy lifting. You’ll just need a vinyl banner in that case.

Once again, pamphlets, flyers, and t-shirts could serve as great branding merchandise. Make sure to spend some amount there for ample exposure. Linking to and from the event site can draw additional traffic to your website before, during and after the event!

And don’t forget to serve up the best Guinness you can find ( try dyeing your pilsner draught green! ).


  1. Have a St. Patty’s Day Sale

Do we really need a reason to give a gift to a loved one?  Not really… and an astute business owner can certainly capitalize on that on this holiday like they can any other holiday! For instance, jewelry stores can promote emerald rings, pendants, earrings or more with St. Pattys Day sales flyers and signage. Car dealers?  How about feather banner signs and outdoor banners offering deeper discounts on green colored cars already on the showroom floor? Liquor stores…well, the sky is the limit there. Clothing boutique? Try creating a pop up banner with special pricing for all shades of green attire.  And while you have the customers onsite at any of these retail outlets, serve some green beverages and snacks to keep it fun.

  1. Plan and Host a Irish Festival

Consider having a Fèis, a traditional Gaelic arts and culture festival. A Fèis is also the moniker given to Irish step dancing competitions.

Irish step dancing is a fun and crowd pleasing way to uphold the spirit of St. Patty’s Day. Google search for Irish step dancing in your town and you’re sure to find a club or school group that would be happy to perform. Print some invitations up to your ‘Fèis’ and you’re sure to get more attendees.

Like concerts, these events can take some work as well. But when they are put together well, you get to have passionate guests and long term customers who will remember your special and unique brand. They will remember that you made the extra effort and that you were there to celebrate.

Sponsorship and branding would of course once again be at play. Whether you are arranging the event yourself or simply participating as a sponsor, ensure to use some nicely printed merchandise such as indoor posters, vinyl banners and signs to make the most out of the branding opportunity at hand. Linking to and from the event site can draw additional traffic to your website before, during and after the event!

Leverage This Branding Opportunity

If you are planning an Irish Day Concert, March 17th SALE event or St. Patty Step Dancing Festival, you’ll want to choose an online printing company such as Color Copies USA that has years of experience with event promotions.

Color Copies USA online printing specialists can take the heavy lifting of printing and merchandising off of your hands, so you can focus on your event planning and core business activities instead. Our team of ‘idea people’ are on hand to help you make sure your event is as ‘lucky’ as can be.

When it comes down to it, the key to having a successful St. Patrick’s Day event  is providing your customers with fun experiences while still enjoying the event yourself but taking in some extra ‘green’.

How to Market My New Business in 2019 by Using Online Printing

Online Printing Can Help You Reach Your Goals

roll up banner sign by color copies usaCongratulations, you have taken the leap and started your own business! It’s a big step and an accomplishment you should be proud of. Now that you’ve set up your new company, you are likely wondering how to effectively market it. Most modern business marketing advice revolves around digital marketing methods such as having a good website. profiles on major social media platforms. search engine optimization and content marketing. While these are important, they cannot wholly replace the value of printed materials in marketing.

Some businesses, for example, may primarily operate locally and have little need for digital marketing efforts. Even if your business is wholly online, there are still benefits to using printed marketing materials. The following is an in-depth guide for how to market your new business in 2019 by using printing like that available here at

Direct Mail

For certain types of businesses, direct mail can be an invaluable way to gain the attention of clients. This is especially true for small businesses like doctor’s offices and storefronts that don’t do much business outside of a local community. Direct mailings can remind customers that your business is still there if they haven’t come in a while, promote sales and discounts, advertise that your new business has opened and more. It is a good way to reach people who may not spend a lot of time online, such as older demographics, if your business caters to them. There are a lot of possibilities with direct mail you can discover by getting some printed and seeing for yourself.

Business Cards

Most professionals are well-served by having a business card they can hand out to people at events or in passing. This is especially true if you are a freelancer or even run an online business. A business card is a great way to encourage people you meet in real life to check out your website and the products or services you provide online. Business cards also provide contact information so people can contact you later with questions, commissions or other requests.

Storefront Signs

If you run a physical store or office, color banners and signage are practically a necessity. They can serve to advertise your business from the windows to catch the eyes of passerby and convince them to come inside and shop. This is helpful because these signs immediately let customers know what you sell and the type of business you are. They can advertise promotions or sales that may be going on at the moment. Retractable banners and indoor posters can also serve to make the inside of your store or office more vibrant.

Promotional Items

Your printed logo, the name of your business or a clever saying printed on promotional items is another great way printing can promote your business. T-shirts, for example, can be worn by your employees at events and sold to your customers to spread the word about your business. They are also helpful for branding and team-building efforts among your employees.

Other Types Of Signs

Billboards, flyers posted around town and other types of physical signage are very effective at drawing attention to your new business and will continue to be popular in 2019. Car signs, including magnets carried by Color Copies USA, are also a great idea. They serve as a moving advertisement for your business just while driving around town. They are especially useful if your operation goes to individual homes, such as if you run a cleaning business or a dog training service.

Printed materials are still very relevant in advertising your new business…even in 2019. They be used in any number of ways to help get your new business of the ground and experience growth. Choose an online printing company experienced in working with many different types of industries to successfully promote and grow your new business.