Advertising Through Direct Mail: Printed Mailers. Why it's Still Necessary in Today's Business Environment

Targeted Mail: Mailing Lists Play a Key Roll

To mail or not to mail, that is the question of the day.

Advertising through direct mail with letters and subsequent reply mail is something we all get in the mailbox on a daily basis.; Yet, even the best direct mail campaigns are tough to justify, if they are not card card-body planned.

Will the customers open the print used in the advertising mail direct or will the direct marketing mail simply get tossed in the trash?

Should you send color printing direct mail, or just a standard letter addressing mail piece?

Direct mailing solutions for advertising are difficult to determine, especially in an era of digital prevalence online, where more and more businesses are transitioning their direct mailing marketing dollars to buy internet advertising.

"The strategy of actually printing and mailing to the right people is wherein the challenge lies"

The ratio of success with direct list mailing is like shooting arrows at a bull's eye and hoping to win at every residence. Response rates teeter on the 2 – 5% range from most print mailings. However, that should not deter a business from printing direct mail and even spending money on direct mail postage.

The trick is rather than sending color print mail to every home, perhaps the business owner should consider purchasing a direct mailing list with the demographics already predetermined before even one envelopes mail.

Targeted Mail: Mailing Lists Play a Key Roll

Targeted print to mail works better than a shot in the dark
The process of color printing direct mail is not complicated, but the strategy of actually printing and mailing to the right people is wherein the challenge lies.

The ideal print and mail campaign will be done with
the least amount of waste
because they can be mailed to people who will specifically be interested in that type of product or service ahead of time

"According to the USPS (US Postal Service) website, 48% of people in a survey liked to read mail to unwind."

As an example, lets suppose that you want to send print color direct mail postcards to families who take care of elderly parents. To know this, Advertising Direct Mail inc. must determine ahead of time who – and where – to find these potential customers.

That is where the database and list analysis, print mail merge, and other features comes in handy. It will be possible to specifically sector presort mail according to demographics such as income, age, family information, buying patterns, etc.

Suddenly, print direct mail response rates just went up.; According to the USPS (US Postal Service) website, 48% of people in a survey liked to read mail to unwind. That tells you if you get your message right with a compelling color photographs and color direct mail ideas like attention-grabbing headlines and bold fonts, the response rate could go up significantly, meaning less of your direct mail print job ends up in the trash can.; Direct mail statistics vary from one source to the next

Believe it or not, direct mailing is still extremely popular and it does work. It is still widely used among companies – small or large – local or nationally – to reach targeted groups.How many of us have ever moved to a new home,condo or apartment and suddenly the mailbox seems flooded with color print and mail postcards or catalogs for new furniture, home improvement coupons and new restaurants, etc.? It is no coincidence.

Once you have made the resolution to present a more powerful side of your business, you will need to decide on the best elements and colors that best represent your company.

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