Get Custom Christmas Wrapping Paper In Time For Christmas 2023!

Imagine the look in your family’s and loved ones’ eyes when they open their presents this year with custom Christmas wrapping paper, a trend that’s turning heads and warming hearts.

In this quick tutorial, we’ll help you learn how to get your custom wrapping paper…just in time for Christmas 2023! We will also shine a spotlight on Color Copies USA, a titan in the online printing landscape, renowned for their craftsmanship and innovation in custom print solutions.

Custom Christmas wrapping paper is written above custom wrapping paper by Color Copies USA

Trends In Custom Christmas Wrapping Paper Designs

Current Trends

Wrapping paper has evolved significantly, reflecting various trends that resonate with today’s consumers. Popular designs include classic holiday motifs, minimalist styles, and eco-friendly materials

Personalization of gift wrapping paper has become a significant trend, allowing individuals to incorporate personal photos, messages, and unique designs that reflect their personal style or family traditions.

How We Can Help

We keep up with these trends, providing high-quality discount printing solutions that cater to all these styles and preferences. Our expertise ensures that every design, whether a traditional Christmas theme or a modern minimalist approach, is vivid and impactful.


We discussed current trends in personalized wrapping paper and how we align with these trends through our high-quality color printing services.

Choosing The Right Material And Print Quality

The Importance Of Material And Quality

The choice of material and print quality is crucial in custom wrapping paper. The right material not only enhances the overall look but also ensures durability and ease of use. Print quality is equally important, as it brings your custom design to life and makes your gifts stand out.

What We Have To Offer

As an experienced online printing company, we provide a wide range of paper solutions and superior print quality options. From glossy to matte finishes and eco-friendly options, we cater to diverse needs and preferences, ensuring that your gift wrapping is both beautiful and functional.


This section emphasized the importance of choosing the right material and print quality for custom wrapping paper, and how we meet these needs with various options.

Creative Ideas For Personalization

Incorporating Personal Elements

Custom Christmas wrapping paper offers a canvas for creativity. You can incorporate family photos, personalized messages, or designs that represent your unique traditions. This personal touch adds emotional value to your gifts, making them memorable for your loved ones.

Services By Color Copies USA

Our team excels in bringing these creative ideas to life. Our experts can guide you in designing wrapping paper that perfectly encapsulates your personal style or family essence, ensuring a unique and heartwarming gift experience.


We explored creative ideas for personalizing Christmas wrapping paper and how we can assist in creating these unique and personal designs.

Ordering Custom Wrapping Paper From Us

Easy Ordering Process

Ordering your personalized paper from us is a breeze. By following our instructional video, you can easily order your personalized wrapping paper, ensuring your gifts are wrapped in love and originality this holiday season.

Why Choose Us

Since 2004, we have been a leading online printing company, known for our high-quality discount printing and exceptional customer service. Our experienced team provides a range of color printing services, ensuring that your custom wrapping paper is of the highest quality.


This section provided instructions on how to order personalized wrapping online from our site and highlighted our expertise and quality services in color printing.


Custom Christmas wrapping paper is more than just a decorative covering; it’s a medium of personal expression and a way to make your gifts truly special. Color Copies USA stands ready to help you design and print your unique wrapping paper, ensuring your holiday gifts are as extraordinary as the people receiving them. 

Embrace the holiday spirit with a personal touch. Click here, or give us a call at 877-421-0668, let us be your partner in this festive endeavor.

How to Prepare Your Files for Successful Printing

CMYK Rollers On A Printing Press, Print File Preparation

Get Your Printed Pieces Back Without Errors
You’ve spent all day – sometimes days or even weeks working on your project and when it comes back from the printer it doesn’t look like you expected it to. Sound familiar? It happens more often than you might think. In this blog post about preparing your files for successful printing we’ll cover are some easy steps you can take relating to CMYK, bleed and fonts for example ( see below ) to prevent printing problems from happening. Let us take you through some troubleshooting basics to ensure your next printing project turns out as great as you expected.

Color is Everything – CMYK

Let’s start off with color. We will use one of two processes to print your project – Full Color or Spot Color. Full Color presses use the CMYK process to create the final printed project while Spot Color uses just one ink color, the latter is mostly used when printing black ink on an envelope or something similar. More than likely your print job will need to be saved on your computer in the CMYK format. RGB color format is for use on a monitor only and the color will vary quite a bit if you save your art in RGB instead of CMYK mode, almost guaranteeing you will see a different color between what you made on your computer and the final printed piece. No matter what program you use to create your project, you should be able to easily change the color mode to CMYK. Most often it is in the Preferences section.

Color Tip: To ensure the black text in your file prints out dark instead of washed out gray, make the CMYK profile of your text 60 C 40 M 40 Y 100 K

What Do You Mean it Has to Bleed?

Bleed is a term that is used when your art has to print to the edge of the paper. In order to make this happen, we have to print the job on a larger size sheet then trim it down to the finished size. That means your art has to extend beyond the finished piece so we can trim off the excess. Adding .25 inches to the overall size of your project will ensure we can make that happen. For example: If your finished piece is 8.5”x11”, the file you send us should be 8.75’x11.25’ with the part of art going to the edge actually extending out to this new bleed area. Don’t forget to make any essential information like text stays within the finished size. A safe practice is to make sure text never gets within .25’ of the finished edge.

Why Did My Font Change?

The font you used to typeset your project might not be a font we have on our computer. Sometimes this causes the program to use a default font to replace the one missing from our system. There are two easy ways to make sure this doesn’t happen. If you are using Illustrator or a similar program, select your text and choose “Create Outlines”. If you are using Photoshop, flatten the artwork before saving. Just make sure you save the original project under a different name as both of these methods makes it so you cannot edit the text any longer.

PDF is the Way to Go

To help ensure you get a printed piece that looks correct, the file format you send should always be a PDF File. This is a universally accepted format that embeds more information into the file than most other files. Never send a file that needs to printed in the native software format i.e.; Word, Excel, Pagemaker, etc… No matter what program you use, you can save the art as a PDF.

Now that you have the basics of troubleshooting for printing problems before they happen – feel free to give us a call if you have any questions regarding print file preparation. We pride ourselves in producing high quality printing with complete customer satisfaction and would love to give you any advise to make sure that happens!

Why Print Still Matters

Hi there everybody!
We are inaugurating this blog. We communicate the news here. The first post will try to explain why print still matters.

Print Advertisements
When we talk about business marketing platforms, we never can forget good old-fashioned print. Despite many business owners opt to replace paper advertisements with online media, social media marketing campaigns, and other innovative digital renditions, the best solution appears when we use a combination of print and digital advertising.
Print is their main selling tool:
  • Fact-filled catalogs for the bookshelf
  • Posters for the walls
  • Brochures for the racks
  • Photo-filled booklets for the students
  • Branded surveys and sign-in sheets
  • Forms, info sheets and marketing materials for the high school counselors.

The Advantages of Print Advertising

You know, when you read a book, the “book” object still has some magic. It is not the same thing to read it on a digital device. This analogy can be used to understand the actual power of an advertisment. Besides, digital media’s immense amount of accessibility leads to distractions such as popup and sidebar ads tailored specifically to your personal needs using your search history. Many people find these ads intrusive and irritating—almost an invasion of privacy.
Print advertisements not only enable your company to reach a non-digital audience, but they also give consumers a positive impression of your brand. Print is currently trendy in millennial circles, as are most “old school” practices.

Colorful, classy, clever, compelling print.

In fact, when students inevitably ask about campus life, the recruiters keep the focus tight. No mention of photos, Instagram or Pinterest. No pointing to videos on Periscope, Blab or YouTube. Nope. No digital distractions. Recruiters from several Universities tells that colorful brochures allow to create a direct message to the future students. “Take a few for your parents and friends” they say.