3 Tips for Using the Power of Printing to Raise Your Easter Event Level


From Special Easter Services to Classic Easter Egg Hunts, Leverage Online Printing to Reach Your Audience

Easter is an exciting time of the year across the US. The weather is warming up and Easter time brings people together to build memories and learn more about Easter. As a church, this is an incredible opportunity to serve your community and congregation together in this celebration of this special day. Here are four tips to reach your community for Easter.

Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter Egg hunt brings childhood memories to the adults and excitement to the kids. Nostalgia and the thrill of hunting eggs together makes a fun time for everyone. A professionally printed banner can show people where the Easter egg hunt will be located and will provide a visual for all to see. At Color Copies USA, we can quickly print a vinyl banner that is durable and can be used more than once for the occasion. Find more about our banners at: https://colorprinting.colorcopiesusa.com/product/banners

Location, Location, Location

One of the most frustrating things when visiting a new church is knowing where to go. Creative uses of retractable banners and signs will help visitors and members alike know where they are and where to go. Retractable banners can be set up on a floor or table and retract for easy storage. Signs can point people to key areas of your church such as the main auditorium and classrooms. Posters are also an easy way to communicate information to attendees in a visually pleasing manner. Find out more about our retractable banners and posters.

Easter Musical or Play

Holding an Easter musical or play is a fun way to involve kids and teenagers to bring the story of Easter to life. This may bring in parents and grandparents who would not otherwise attend church and gives you an opportunity to share the story of Easter with them. A good way to get information into the hand of attendees is to use a professionally printed brochure. Brochures are an effective way to present information about the event as well as show more information about the services and classes your church offers throughout the year. It is also a good way to highlight key events coming up in the future. Our color brochures are eye-catching and are made with higher quality paper than flyers, prompting people to read and keep them. This results in your information being in the hands of attendees longer. Find out more about our brochure printing here: https://colorcopiesusa.com/color-brochures-and-sales-sheets.html

egg hunt flyer
Easter Promotional Items

Giving your Easter attendees something to remember the day (and your church) will extend the reach of your church past just Easter day. A promotional item can range from t-shirts to pens and many other items. Color Copies USA has a wide variety of promotional items to meet your interests and budget. Putting your church name on an item will help attendees remember the special day as well as your church. That way, later in the year, other ways you reach out to your community will make a closer connection to those people. Not only t-shirts and pens, we also offer bags, hats, cups and more. We offer several catalogs of promotional items to meet your needs.

A little planning and professionally printed material will provide a welcoming and memorable experience to attendees while you convey the message of Easter to others.

Easter is Coming! Printing Ideas to Make Your Event Sparkle

Eastertime – Egg Hunts, Church Events, Parties!

Easter is a time of year that many people celebrate the joys of this season. Whether your Easter holiday consists of commemorating the resurrection of Jesus, the hunt for Easter Eggs, or the joy of Spring celebrations, there is much to prepare for during this holiday. Spring has sprung, the weather is beginning to change, and with it comes new opportunities for fun and party planning. When you begin searching for the perfect decorations and invitations, it is important that you know what to look for to make your 2018 Easter celebrations perfect.

First, identify what you want to celebrate and the kind of festivity you want to plan. There are numerous choices for the spring season, in which case Easter is the premier. Regardless of whether you are planning for a church cantata, a cookout, an Easter egg hunt, or a family gathering, it is important to prepare beforehand. The best way to draw the attention of your neighbors and friends is to use bright and bold, colored marketing materials. Show them that you mean business with your party and that their presence is valued. You can do this by investing more into how you present this event to them. Here are a few tips that can capture anyone’s notice for you holiday event, all of which we provide through www.colorcopiesusa.com.

Gift and Promotional Items

When people come to your event, you want them to leave feeling valued. To keep them connected to your event or services, there are many promotional items you could give them to remember you by. A coffee mug, notebook, or mouse pad with your logo on it will keep the memory of their experience fresh in their mind. Therefore, if you are hoping to plan the most exciting event of the year, help them look forward to the next festivity that you plan with a gift item that keeps your church or company fresh in their minds.

Invitations and Registration Cards

The first impression that you may have on a new guest is likely to be the invitation or registration card that you place in their hands. When they see your invitation or words of welcome, will they be impressed or disappointed? By using color and bold images, you will undoubtedly capture their attention. If you want someone to be impressed with your Easter event, do not miss the opportunity to influence them during what is possibly the most colorful holiday of the year.

Banners and Posters

Make a statement with your marketing materials this season by making then even bigger. By investing in a banner or a poster, you ensure that your event is seen even at a distance. By optimizing your promotional content and making them even more noticeable, it is likely that you will draw a bigger crowd. Choose to excite your potential audience and partygoers with an amazing banner.


What can you possibly say to someone else to convince him or her to spend Easter at your event? No matter what you say, people are always going to believe what they see. If they see your effort in creating beautiful materials that draw them in and make them feel included in something spectacular and well presented, they will be more likely to enjoy themselves. By using our commendable services at www.colorcopiesusa.com, you are promised an opportunity to amaze your target audience. No matter what kind of event you are planning, prepare it with the intent to impress.